There are two forms of weddings performed in Mexico

The Civil Wedding (Matrimonio Civil)
The Religious/non-denominational Ceremony

The Civil Wedding (Matrimonio Civil)

This ceremony changes your marital status from single to married.
Mexico's Matrimonio Civil and resultant Acta de Matrimonio (your proof-of-marriage certificate) is recognized by the United States, Canada, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany and most other countries.
The Matrimonio Civil is performed by the Registro Civil via their justices.
The judges perform these marriages in the offices of the Registro Civil or, for an additional fee, just about anywhere you specify.
The Judges allow the saying of personal vows.

Required documentation for bride and groom: (Civil Wedding)

• Valid passport
• Mexican entry Visa
• Blood tests
• Valid birth certificate with seal (must be a certified copy).
• Four witnesses (can be provided)
•Divorce decree(s). (if applicable)



The Religious/non-denominational Ceremony:

Spiritual Ceremonies are a wonderful way to tie the knot.
These ceremonies do not change your marital status here in Mexico or back home.
If you want to do so later, you can do that with a justice of the peace in your country of origin, or do both, the religious and the civil wedding here in Mexico.

Required documentation for bride and groom: (Religious/non-denominational Ceremony)

No documentation is required for this spiritual ceremony